Pneumatic connection technology

Push-in fittings

Push-in fittings in plastic (QR1) and metal (QR2) versions. The metal version is also available in stainless steel and for high ambient temperatures.

Compressed air tubing

Tubing assortment in different materials and colors for a wide range of applications, e.g. in the food industry or in drag chains, along with the corresponding accessories.


Tubing couplings and plugs, optionally with safety function.

Fittings with tube nuts

Fittings with tube nuts, plastic (NU1) and metal versions (NU2).

Pneumatic connection technologies from AVENTICS

Premium connection pieces perfectly complement high-quality machine elements. The "Quick Release" term, i.e. QR, covers the versatile connection range from AVENTICS for all applications and many variants – straight, angled, or as a Y-connector, with threads, or as plug-in. As a plastic fitting in the variants “standard” and “mini”, the QR1 series offers the right solution for numerous applications.
With its “standard”, “stainless steel”, and “heat-resistant” versions, the QR2 series is ideal for demanding tasks under tough operating conditions.
Furthermore, our range of electrical connection technology includes all components required to connect our products electrically. From plugs and cables for connecting individual valves, to multipole solutions for valve systems and active components for connection to fieldbus systems.